Here are some famous people who had a truly terrible year! And before you get outraged for us calling these accomplished stars 'losers', we aren't commenting on them as human beings; we're just saying they had a horrid and forgettable year
Harbhajan Singh

The Punjab spinner had one of the unluckiest years of his career. This despite the fact that he helped India win the World Cup and led the Mumbai Indians to a Champions Trophy triumph! His lacklustre performances during and after the England tour forced the selectors to bench him, and as (bad) luck would have it, R Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha proved their worth (with the bat and ball) with the handful of opportunities they got.

Bhajji is now injured and struggling in the domestic circuit--who knows when he'll next play for India?
Herman Cain

This Atlanta-based businessman was deep into his run as one of the Republican Presidential candidates for next year's elections. However, he failed in his maiden political venture when his campaign spectacularly imploded! When it was revealed that Cain had sexually assaulted two women in the 1990s, he initially denied it. However, later on it came to light that Cain had settled the matter with the alleged victims and had made them sign confidentiality statements.

Immediately, everyone smelt a scandal--and just as details of the two assaults were being unearthed, a third victim as well as his mistress came forward! And just like that, it was sayonara Mr. Cain!

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries
Best known for her pointless reality show and countless publicity stunts, including her sex tape with rapper Ray J, Kim Kardashian pulled another trick out of her bag. This reality queen got married to a little-known basketball player, Kris Humphries. After years of dating superstar athletes, Kim finally tied the knot with an unassuming athlete who played for one of the least glamorous NBA teams!

Alas it was not meant to be, and in just 72 days, the pair separated, leaving behind a clueless Humphries. While it's speculated that Kim thrived off the publicity her marriage gave her, her reputation has taken a hit as a result of this heartless publicity stunt. As for Humphries, he at least has the NBA season to look forward to, since the lockout is finally over!

Andy Coulson

This former editor of the 'News of the World' is one of the biggest losers of the year, simply because he's not only responsible for drowning his own career, but also for successfully tarnishing the reputations of Rupert Murdoch and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Coulson was one of the chief architects of the phone hacking scandal in Britain that saw his newspaper hacking phones of several prominent people in the country.

Coulson, a former communications director of the Cameron government, was arrested in July. As a result of these revelations, Rupert Murdoch had to shut down the 168-year-old News of The World, which rendered hundreds jobless!

Charlie Sheen

At the start of '11, Charlie Sheen was the highest paid TV star in the world. He had a hit TV show, 'Two And A Half Men,' which was picked up for a couple more seasons. However, all that went away when he was first suspended and then fired for openly criticizing the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. After dumping all over his career, Sheen's addictions and stupidity took over the rest of his faculties, as he posted video after insane video blaming everyone but himself for his misfortunes.

He later tried to make amends by publicly apologizing and even laughing at his drunken and drug-addled mistakes. But the damage had already been done, and 'Two And A Half Men' had already signed on Ashton Kutcher in place of Sheen!