Eric Prydz - Call on Me

When this track first came out, it was an instant hit. Catchy dance beats, a great retro vibe--it had a lot going for it. Then Prydz released its official video and it became even more popular!

Intrigued? You should be. The video is choc-a-bloc with seriously hot women in practically non-existent aerobics gear; exercise has never looked so good!

Christina Aguilera – Dirty

Remember the Christina of her ‘Genie in a Bottle’ days? Even if you answered yes, we can guarantee that that image of her will be a distant memory once you witness this raunchy video.

She completely dropped her girl-next-door image for this one as she brought to the forefront various "dirty" sexual fetishes--some literally dirty, like mud wrestling!

Britney Spears – Im a Slave For You

She has tons of sexy videos to choose from but we managed to narrow it down to this one deliciously sexy single. It’s hard to remember, but Britney was definitely one of the hottest women around at one point and this video clearly depicts just that.

A nicely toned Neptunes beat sets the perfect backdrop for a sweaty, sultry Spears in all her hypersexual glory.

Madonna – Justify My Love

No one can hold a candle to our dear old ‘Madge’ as far as absolutely eccentric and brazenly sexy videos go (no, not even Gaga). Like Spears, she too has a whole host of debaucherous videos but this is the one that set the ball rolling for them all.

In 1990, it was even banned from television thanks to the clear depictions of sadomasochism, homosexuality, cross-dressing etc. You’ve got to hand it to her--she never does anything without going the whole distance!

Chris Isaac – Wicked Games

In addition to being one of the most beautiful songs of all time, with 'Wicked Games' Isaac managed to ensure that we never forgot his epic one-track wonder when he shot the most erotic video of all time on a beach in Hawaii.

It’s entirely in black & white (which really ups the sexy quotient) and features top model Helena Christensen rolling and frolicking on the beach with Isaak. She’s topless and althought the camera angles conceal any actual nudity in a subtle manner, it does leave very little to the imagination.