On UFO day, Mandovi Menon takes a look at some close encounters of the spooky kind

The possible existence of UFOs has been debated the world over for several years. From spooky sightings and encounters to more extreme alleged abductions, thousands of people have claimed to have experienced something strange that came from the sky. Now, the number of close encounters have reached a point where ignoring them is just plain silly.

If you’ve ever wanted to make contact with creatures from outer space, your best bet would be visiting one of these places, since that's where the top 5 alien encounters have taken place!

The Roswell Incident
The most famous place for getting a glimpse of alien life, Roswell, USA has been the centre of a web of intricately layered stories for a long time. According to several accounts, in July 1947 an alien ship crashed in this New Mexico town, sending metallic debris soaring through the air. Despite the US Government dismissing it as a weather balloon, plenty of witnesses claim to have seen something entirely ‘out of this world.’

Add to that several "alien autopsy" videos that made the round after that, and reports of increased activity at the classified Area 51 facility, and you can't really ignore it all.

The Hill Abduction
You might want to sit up straight for this one. Considered to be the most advanced (not to mention scariest) type of encounter, abduction reports are much rarer than sightings. The most famous abduction story has to be of Barney and Betty Hill, an American couple who claimed they were abducted by extraterrestrials in September, 1961.

Barney saw several humanoid figures through the windowed UFO and one even communicated with him to ‘keep standing there and keep looking.’ They both experienced an 'altered state of consiciousness, and when they returned to their senses they found they had traveled 30 miles south and had no recollection of it.

Foo Fighters
No, we're not talking about the famous rock band. Foo fighters is the name sailors and pilots gave to describe UFOs seen during World War II. What's strange is pilots on both sides of the war reported to have witnessed the exact same objects and bright lights, which appeared to be following them on their missions!

It's hard to argue when enemy soldiers actually agree on something, that too about something as unimaginable as this! This encounter also led to further speculation that an alien race might be interested in our military forces and their activities.

The Mexican Airforce’s UFO Encounters
Mexico has had more than its fair share of sightings in recent years. Since 2004, air force pilots have reported seeing 10 or 11 bright objects that move extremely quickly across the sky. What makes this all the more believable is that the Mexican Government actually released video footage of one of these sightings creating a media frenzy.

There are also quite a few crop circles in Mexico, which make it the perfect place to visit to experience an alien encounter of your own!
Ronald Reagan’s UFO Sighting
When a former US president claims to have seen a UFO, people are bound to take notice! The sighting occurred in 1974, just before Reagan’s plane was about to land in Bakersfield, California.

The entire crew was reported to have seen a strange object that was emitting a bright, white light behind it. The object disappeared into the sky at unprecedented speeds just seconds later. We wonder how the US Government refuted this one!