World's Most Popular Rappers
Shawn Carter
Better known by his alias, Jay-Z--or as Beyonce's ridiculously flamboyant and talented husband--this man is likely to be on this list for many more years to come! Between his fashion, music and restaurant businesses alone, the man is clearly as much of an entrepreneur as he is a musician. He managed to pocket a cool $37 million in 2011 alone, and his net worth is well over $450 million.

Looks like when Jay-Z bitched about his '99 problems,' success, money or popularity were definitely not among them!
 Sean Combs 
Excluding the rapping legend that is P. Diddy from this list would be entirely inexcusable, especially given that his income in 2011 alone was close to $35 million! Yet another entrepreneurial genius, his business ventures alongside his career as a rapper have built him an impressive kingdom of riches.

He's been around for a long time now (two decades and counting!) but the public still can't seem to get enough of him--be it through his music, acting or television shows.
Dr. Dre
He may not have out out an album for over 12 years now, but true hip-hop fans can never forget the raw talent of Dr. Dre. Not only has he launched the careers of several legends including Eminem and Snoop Dogg, but he's also sufficiently expanded his empire with his Aftermath record label, Beats headphones and his very own HP laptop line.

In 2011, he earned $14 million. Even though it was a little less than his previous year's income, his net worth is close to $250 million.
Lil Wayne
Many hip-hop connoisseurs have labelled him the best rapper alive and the New Yorker even went so far as to compare him with Bob Dylan! Even after his unapologetic drug abuse, telling Katie Couric to mind her own business on live television, and going to prison for nearly a year, Lil' Wayne is probably the most popular rapper today, even if he's not the highest paid one.

In 2011, he pocketed a cool $15 million, but with the kind of fan following this rapping genius has, don't be surprised if you see that amount double every year!
Kanye West 
The most endearing thing about him is probably the fact that he is not just a rapper. He's a musician and a composer in every sense of the word and as such, he's got crossover appeal. So yes, his boorish behaviour might make little girls cry (Taylor Swift at the Grammys), but no one can touch him as far as fame is concerned.

In 2011, his album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' broke huge records. Its success, coupled with his production company, fashion line and other small ventures, made him a handsome $16 million dollars in 2011.
source: http://guylife.com/