While these gorgeous women could give any model a run for her money, they're primarily top-level athletes. Here are these beautiful women doing what they do best on their respective fields of play!

Danica Patrick

It simply doesn't get any hotter than this! For ages, men have hoped that women would one day show some interest in the things they loved, like fast cars. Well, Danica Patrick not only answered that little prayer, but she made NASCAR racing about 100 times hotter as well! She's well-known now for being one of the sexiest sportswomen around, having posed in close to nothing for the likes of FHM and Maxim. However, few people know how sexy she is behind the wheel too--as is clear from this particular video!

Anna Kournikova

Ok, so we lied! There is one other tennis star who gives Sharapova a run for her money, but only in the looks department. On court, Kournikova is a bit of a joke, but that never stopped millions of men from tuning in just to watch her in action. She's born to be in front of the camera and she looks just as sexy while playing tennis as she does when she's posing in skimpy bikinis!

Maria Sharapova

Tennis has given us some of the sexiest sportswomen around, but few have been of Maria Sharapova's calibre. Blond, perfectly-built and 100 percent gorgeous, her looks are as admirable as her skills on the tennis court. Don't believe us? Just watch this video and see how good she makes that short tennis skirt look even while she's killing her opponent with her intense forehand!

Mia St. John

Now here's a gorgeous woman who you don't want to mess with! She may look as gorgeous as a supermodel (which is why she's even posed for Playboy) but she has a right hook that can knockout any wannabe boxers out there. An American professional boxer and Tae Kwon Do champion, her boxing record is 22 wins and 1 draw with 12 knockouts! In other words, she's one tough and saucy babe!

Flavia Delaroli

She's been known as the Goddess of the Brazilian swimming team for a while now, and we're fairly certain that all of that cannot be attributed to her enviable swimming skills alone! Sure, she's represented her country at both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, but that stunning face and impossibly good physique have won her equal amounts of attention.