You'll never believe what Obama-themed toys these manufacturers have come up with!

Obama Decision Maker

Remember the magic 8 ball? Well, you don’t need one anymore. Why trust a black plastic ball when you can direct your queries at this Obama Decision Maker instead, right?  

Maybe the real question you need to ask here is: Should I buy this product? We're putting our money on ‘Yes (We Can)’
Obama Condoms

Yep, looks like the American President is a real protector of the people all right. And he may not be a follower of the church either!

Introducing Obama Condoms (no, we’re not kidding) complete with hilarious puns to go with each packet. Our favourites? "Hope is not a form of protection" and "hope flavoured"
Obama Bam Bam Bop Bag

Here’s an original idea if ever there was one. The next time you get seriously pissed off with one of the Obama Administration’s policies there’s no need to go out and sweat it out in protest with the common man, where in all likelihood you won’t even get a response.

Try punching the living daylights out of this Obama Bam Bam Bop Bag instead. Hmm.. perhaps we should try a Narendra Modi bag in India?

Jedi Obama Action Figure

There’s no way any fan would pass up on the chance to own this Star Wars doll fashioned to resemble President Obama.

Well that takes care of the good guys but we wonder if there’s a secret Darth Vader Obama doll too, poised for release the second he screws up big time?! Hey, marketers need to think ahead!

Barack O-Zombie

Introducing a toy so scary we bet it beats the boogey man in scaring the most number of children this year. The best part? The incorrigible looking zombie doll bears a serious resemblance to the current president of the United States!

If we were to take a stab at guessing who was behind this we’d probably go with any republican!