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In our rush for technological advancement and the ever-increasing pace of modern life, we're forgetting some rather essential aspects of human existence. One of these is how to be a gentleman.

We've always believed that being a gentleman is about far more that merely looking like one at parties; it's about behaving like one, and not just when life is good but when the chips are down as well. Gentlemen are reliable, honest, and appreciate the finer things in life. They're also exceedingly well-behaved and well-turned out.

Learning how to be a gentleman is no overnight task, but if you check out this guide we've compiled for you, you'll be well on your way!

The Gentleman's Guide to Knowing Your Brands: With the thousands of options that we have at our disposal today, shopping can be quite the mind-boggling exercise. Our list of the world's top men's brands will help you sort through that morass; these brands may be expensive, but their products are worth every penny!

The Gentleman's Guide to Footwear:
It's said that if you want to get the true measure of a man, you should see if his shoes are appropriate and well-maintained. With the help of this guide, you'll be able to pick the right shoes to go with absolutely any outfit.

The Gentleman's Guide to Knowing Your Liquor: Even if you're a teetotaler, it's always helpful to know about liquor so you can draw on this knowledge when entertaining or dining out. And if you enjoy the occasional drink, it's time to learn what else is out there and broaden your horizons!

The Gentleman's Guide to Etiquette: In the competitive world we live in, bad behaviour is often passed off as assertiveness and motivation. This wouldn't have been tolerated in decades past, and we don't think it should be tolerated these days either! It's possible to be assertive while still being polite, and our guide shows you how!

The Gentleman's Guide to Dealing With Difficult Situations: The true test of a gentleman's character doesn't occur when things are going well, but when he's faced with adversity. Our guide lists some of the most common difficult situations a guy can find himself in, and tells you how to conduct yourself with aplomb.

The Gentleman's Guide to Haircuts: When you're trying to figure out how to be a gentleman, you can't neglect your hair. Whether you're the sort of guy that's had the same short-back-and-sides style for as long as you can remember, or you change your hairstyle every two weeks, you could do with these pointers on hair care and haircut tips.

The Gentleman's Guide to Fashion Accessories: Gentlemen pay attention to details. So while you're on your quest to learn how to be a gentleman, it's important to know how to accessorize correctly. Think tie clips, hats, classy cuff links--we've done our research and listed out everything you need to know.