Who wouldn't buy the products endorsed by these world-class hotties?
It's no secret that hot women can sell just about any product. Advertisers everywhere have capitalized on this fact and have repeatedly featured some of the world's hottest women in ads for everything from beer to bazookas. The effectiveness of these ads is relative and can only be assessed in the long term. However, one thing's for sure--the women in these ads look amazing!

Here are some of the world's most beautiful women in advertising...and truth be told, we're sold--and we're not even sure what they're advertising!


Kate Moss

This hot British supermodel has modelled for the who's who in the fashion world, and has also bagged her fair share of endorsement deals. This campaign for Calvin Klein's popular fragrance clearly stands out from some of the other work she's done.

Who wouldn't switch to Obsession after seeing this ad?


Amisha Patel

This desi Bollywood beauty is seen here modelling designer Komak Sahani's crystal bikini range. She's also appeared in ads for everything from soap to luxury residences and designer jewellry.

A hot curvy woman in a bikini. Are they trying to get men to buy this or women?


Scarlett Johansson

This Hollywood starlet poses here for famed Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana.

This is an ad for beauty products targeted at women, but we're pretty sure men are also bound to take notice!


Megan Fox

This American hottie may have been fired from the latest edition of the Transformers, but she still has a lot going for her.

A case in point: several benevolent sponsors, including Emporio Armani, who are willing to shower her with millions of dollars for posing like this in their ads. Remind us to write them a thank you letter, will you?


Eva Mendes

Everyone's bound to turn their heads when one of the hottest women in the world goes topless on a giant hoarding! Eva Mendes looks sensational as ever wearing little more than tight-fit Calvin Klein jeans.

If we end up buying those jeans for our girlfriend, you can be sure we're not going to tell her about the ad that made us do so!