Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

The only thing we remember this largely forgettable movie for is Megan's body and a brilliant make out scene featuring her and Amanda Seyfried. Do we really need to sell this movie any further? Ms. Fox really pulled out all stops while playing the devilish Jennifer Check.

Kashmira Shah in Jungle

This voluptuous beauty plays a hot terrorist in 'Jungle', which also stars the perennially sexy Urmila Matondkar. This is a movie worth checking out, both for its non-formulaic plot and Ms. Shah's bold performance.

Rebecca Romijn in X-Men

Rebecca Romijn owns the role of Mystique. She did a hell of a job portraying the nasty, curvy mutant in the first three X-Men movies. How could she not? A supermodel covered in nothing but flakes of blue paint equals success at the box office!

Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz

She completely stole the show as the seductive vamp in this thriller. This former beauty queen tries to lure an upstanding (no pun intended!) Akshay Kumar into bed. Priyanka Chopra's performance combined with an unusual narrative makes this flim worth watching.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Everyone who knows Sharon Stone has had a Catherine Tramell fantasy. This role of a sociopathic killer put Stone on the map and on the covers of several men's magazines worldwide.

We have all repeatedly watched the scene where she famously uncrosses her legs revealing a little more than her dark side to a panel of police investigators!